Love Issue #2

Many thanks to Constantin Nimigean for asking me to be part of the second installment of his online magazine Love Issue. It's wonderful to have my work shown alongside that of David Newsom, Warren Harold, Aline Smithson, Tierney Gearon, Narcis Virgiliu, Charlotte Tanguy and Ana-Maria Ilinca. Love Issue comes out of Romania, and while Issue #1 explored couples, Issue #2 widens to include family as a whole. The magazines are absorbing and great to spend some time with (be sure to check out both), and also have a look at Constantin's excellent blog oitzarisme.


What is success?

Colin Pantall asked, we answered. Read Part 1 (which includes my thoughts) here; Part 2 here; and my favorite answer "Kittens" here.


My famoly

Above is one of Edie's recent pictures--on the right you'll see Frida with a halo and wings, along with our new dog Willa in the middle. E also wrote a wonderful entry in her school journal about how much she loved Frida--it made me both cry and laugh because of its sweet honesty ("Frida barked a lot bot I will alwase love her"). June on the other hand was overheard recently having a conversation with her best friend Nola in which they were discussing where Frida had gone. Nola was telling June that Frida was in heaven, up in the sky--she looked out of the window and pointed. June shook her head and said "no, Frida's not in the sky, she's at the doctor's office. Dead." One of the many reasons why I love having children is this ability to tell things just as they see them, free from any attempts to impress or soften whatever differences of opinion they might hold.


Valentine's excess

Be Mine from James Worrell on Vimeo.

Happy Valentine's Day

This one goes out to my James--today we celebrate our 14th Valentine's day together. How is it that I blinked and so much time has passed?!

Why not mark the occasion by purchasing this print by Shawn Records through collect.give:

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Wah waah

I feel like I should be playing "The Circle Game" on a tiny violin--we're a month into 2011 and already it's kicking my lack-of-exercise/lack-of-proper-nutrition snow snow and more snow missing my dog and my husband had gallbladder surgery backside. When I feel stuck like this I'll often go back and read previous posts of mine to gauge whether I'm "better" or "worse" off than the year before (better/worse being relative terms); in some ways it's cyclical and in other ways it seems entirely random. 2011 is not being good to me. Creative-wise, the focal point outside of all of these life-crises, from month to month there are periods of frenetic creativity followed by malaise, often with a forgetfulness that I have done things or been in things, an example being that lately I feel like a lazy bum, which negates the fact that I worked harder on my Photo Editor post than I've worked on anything art-wise in recent memory. Do other photographers have this amnesia? Is it a perfectionist thing--that you can never do enough be enough produce enough? I'm constantly reminding myself and trying to convince myself that the down times are when the creative ideas are brewing--and I actually have quite a few truth be told--but it's the execution, the actual mustering up of momentum that I avoid and delay and worry about. Enough already, excuse me while I go fulfill the wintertime blues cliche of eating chocolate cake in front of the TV.