Welcome to the Tethered Archive

Tethered was a wonderful place to be while it lasted. I posted my final entry in 2014 and what remains now serves as an archive. Many thanks to those who were loyal readers through the years, and if this is your first time to the site welcome, I hope you'll find something here that provides inspiration for your own work, be it artmaking or parenting.




Bumper car anguish

A recently rediscovered image from Wildwood on the Jersey shore, shot a long while back. Lest you think I'm a horrible parent, be assured that this was the only frame I got of Edie in such a sorry state. I remember she turned around crying because she couldn't get her bumper car to bump to her liking and began screaming that she wanted to get off; I was already shooting and took one quick final photo as my mother, who you can see in the background on the right (next to my father who is also taking pictures--like dad, like daughter) was just about to move in to help. I then I promptly joined them and went to their aid. No need to contact social services, but I appreciate your concern.


These aren't necessarily a diptych, but I couldn't decide which I thought was stronger, so am posting both. They're another instance of spontaneous picture-taking that potentially looks staged. It was the week before last and I went into the bathroom to get Edie's toothbrush; when I walked back into my bedroom she was hiding under the dresser and only her hair was visible. It was very eerie and I really was startled for a moment. I told her to stay put of course, ran downstairs to get my camera, and the result is above.