Out of the loop

I feel very out of the loop lately--in my mind it's still September. I've been going nuts trying to get all of my work framed and shipped off to the various shows that will be opening in the coming weeks, along with answering calls for interviews and keeping up with my submissions. As a result I've become more separated from actual real-time events: lectures, shows, and the like. I'm not quite rooted in the art scene currently. This isn't necessarily unusual--because of the kids there's much I don't/can't/choose not to attend. But I'd been getting into a bit of a swing with the social scene, and now I'm wanting to be more of a hermit. The holidays are partly responsible--there are more activities to help out with at school, decorating for the holidays to be completed, and buying of gifts to be done, etc. etc. What I can barely keep up with normally has been multiplied. I swear the laundry had kittens.

One thing I missed which I do wish I hadn't was an open discussion about the future of photo books put together by livebooks and Flak photo. I'd told Andy I'd chime in, but there just wasn't enough time to form my ideas. I didn't even turn on my computer yesterday. And what I realize is it's OK right now--if I miss a deadline, even if I take a month off from promoting my work or even thinking about art, maybe that's what I need.

I was talking to a friend today about Myers-Briggs personality typing. I used to be an INTJ but over time have moved into the INFJ realm. The reason I bring this up is because what they say is that as you get older you stop using the easier, "familiar" tools and become more interested in the unexplored parts of your personality. I find myself suddenly wanting to learn how to cook well, along with the (unusual for me) desire to train for a triathlon, among other things. The sensory, immediate pleasures are coming to the fore. This is all new--and something I think I need to go with for now. I still love photography as much as ever, but I want to round out my focus. This may be the season for channeling my drives elsewhere so I can come back to my art reenergized.

At least this is how I feel today--we'll see if the desire sticks.


snowb said…
I'm an infj too...or at least i was 10 years ago. It would be interesting to take the test again!
I see great minds think alike :)

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