Crawling back--mildly

A few months ago I quit Facebook, as many of you regular readers know--I wrote all about it in a post that you can read here. It was a good move for me--I'm much more productive and spend less time in front of the computer overall. Certainly I can and do still find other ways to waste time, but nothing has been quite as addictive for me as Crackbook was. My biggest qualm over quitting, and the thing that kept me from leaving for a long time, was the promotional aspect. Social media just keeps getting more powerful, and more necessary. Flak Photo is one of the best examples of a site that has used Facebook and Twitter as powerful tools for gaining a wider audience, and for engaging with the photographic community. I'm starting to feel that if I stay out completely I might miss some important opportunities--so long story short I'm somewhat coming crawling back.

The cons still outweigh the pros for me as far as setting up a personal Facebook site, but my genius husband started my fan page back up and will be its administrator. It will update by automatically linking to my blog, and in this roundabout way I can have my cake and not eat too much of it. If you so desire you can join it here. Twitter was never as addictive, so I'm reopening my account as elfleming, and I promise not to leave you again.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to head outside with the girls so we can get our hands dirty in the garden.


Brenda said…
I agree with both of your posts about Facebook, if that makes sense.

I decided a few weeks ago to give it some attention and have found that it's changed a lot. I can customise who sees what, hide all those farm/mafia/horoscope applications, and really enjoy what other people are posting.

Good plan on the fan page. Count me in. And I've just followed you on Twitter, which I love and I hope you do too.
Hi Brenda--thanks, customizing is a good way to go on Facebook I agree. I'm now following you on Twitter as well, I look forward to your updates!

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