Critical Mass

Hallelujah, I've been selected as a Critical Mass finalist. I've had a rough go of it lately submission-wise--I was starting to think I might have to create work out of my rejections à la "It's Not Us, It's You." But as those of us in this tricky biz know, it's par for the course, and though it's easy to forget that basic truth, and even if you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what you would do if you actually never again got into another show, something comes along and you can breath a little easier again.

I was a finalist last year as well and moving past the sad-sack poor-me paragraph above I'm very happy and frankly relieved to be included again this year. I didn't make the top 50 in 2009 so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on that front (though I've got some stiff competition)--in the meantime I'll be going about my day feeling a bit lighter. A huge thank you to the pre-screeners, and congratulations to talented photo friends Jesse Burke, Katrina d'Autremont, Ben Huff, Isa Leshko, Jennifer Loeber, Stephen Mallon, Yoichi Nagata, Nancy Newberry, Justin James Reed, Michael Sebastian, and Manjari Sharma for their inclusion. (If I left anyone I know off here it wasn't on purpose, please email and I'll add you right away.) For the rest of the finalists go here, and good luck to all!


Congrats, Elizabeth! Well-deserved.
Thanks Kevin! Hope all is well.
Andi Schreiber said…
a little validation never hurts, very cool! warm regards to you, andi

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