The Corcoran / aCurator

Larissa Leclair just put this image of my photo being projected on the side of the Corcoran up on twitter--pretty nuts! See all of the other photographer's projections here. My image is also highlighted on aCurator along with Richard RenaldiSophia WallaceBrea SoudersJen DavisCarrie WillManjari SharmaShen WeiDorothee DeissDavid WrightPhillip ToledanoSusan WorshamBrian UlrichBen Handzoand LaToya Ruby Frazier; read the write-up here. Thanks to Julie Grahame, aCurator editor in chief, for including me.


Julie said…
Hi Elizabeth! I adore "painted" so I am honoured to have published it. Thanks and best wishes,

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