Good times

© James Worrell

James shot these in the driveway today (still waiting on a good one of Edie). If anyone ever wonders why parenting is exhausting, just take a look at my June--can you tell she does her own thing, always? Though it can wear me out, I do love her for it: she's bold and curious and hilarious and wild. As far as Frida goes, she's a big dog in a little body.


The girls

Larissa Leclair/One Hour Photo

Thanks to Larissa Leclair for interviewing me (and every other participating artist) on her blog about One Hour Photo. My image was shown yesterday from 2-3pm--I wonder if anyone was in the room to witness it before it vanished forever...


Ten years

Big week last week: it was James's birthday, followed a few days later by our ten (!) year wedding anniversary. I feel very lucky to be in such a supportive marriage, with two kids to show for it no less, wow. I've been taking some downtime, feeling reflective because I can't believe that time is, as always, passing so quickly. It really is crazy to be beyond the horizon I saw on May 20th, 2000--I knew that I was entering into the soon-to-be realm of parenthood, home ownership, and a good life with James, but of course it was hard to picture the details. It was exciting and scary and everything all at once. To now be in the place I had imagined and have it be my normal, everyday life is almost inconceivable. Here's to the present.


A case for arts education

As if we artists needed any convincing--

Read Jonah Lehrer's thoughts on his thought-provoking blog The Frontal Cortex here.


"The Naked Truth" opens tonight

Looks like this will be another great show curated by Ruben at Hous Projects. It opens tonight from 6:30-10:30, see more details here. I probably will be staying put--I'm not feeling well today and am not sure I should push it. If I get a burst of energy I may throw on a dress and head out, you never know...

Congratulations Ruben!


Picturing Motherhood on the Cafe Mom blog

© Martha McQuade
© Sheri Reed
The image above of June is up today on the Cafe Mom blog--they're doing a month long series called "Picturing Motherhood" with images by mothers--some photographers, some not, all creative types with work to share. See my work here and the entire group of photos thus far here.


Which one?

The bottom image is currently on my website; the top image isn't. Is it time for a change?


Happy Mother's Day

“I miss my daughter’s babyhood already. In her growing up I have watched the present become the past, have seen at first hand how life acquires the savour of longing. The storm of emotion, of the new, that accompanied her arrival is over now. I find that I am living in the knowledge of what I have, so that I see happiness before it quite passes. It has taken me a year to achieve this feat, this skill that has eluded me over a lifetime. I understand that it means that I am standing still. Motherhood sometimes seems to me like a sort of relay race, a journey whose purpose is to pass on the baton of life, all work and heat and hurry one minute and mere panting spectatorship the next; a team enterprise in which stardom is endlessly reconfigured, transferred. I see my daughter hurrying away from me, hurtling towards her future, and in that sight I recognise my ending, my frontier, the boundary of my life.”



A babysitter has been secured so James and I will be at the opening tonight, hope to see some of you!

Prints for sale through wall space gallery

© Desiree Edkins
© Betsy Schneider
© Katrina D'Autremont

I was very pleased to be asked to take part in
wall space gallery's latest collectible print sale, Terra Firma, which went live today. All work is affordably priced between $50 and $200 in limited editions; my image Handprints is for sale in two sizes here. Other beautiful works are available from Betsy Schneider, Noelle Swan Gilbert, Aline Smithson, Lori Vrba, Deanna Dikeman, Katrina D'Autremont, Angela Bacon Kidwell, Suzanne Revy, and Desiree Edkins. Here's more information from the gallery:

Terra Firma: In celebration of motherhood, we have created a collection of images, like memories, that celebrate the bonds of family. Mothers are our best friends, confidants, role models, our conscience. Mothers are the threads that bind us and keep us connected to our families. This collection of images celebrate those threads, that intangible relationship.

Collectible is our quarterly showcase of singular images at introductory pricing. Four focused collections per year showcase new artists, and images exclusive to the gallery’s program. Limited editions, affordable pricing, and unique images make this an important part of the gallery’s mission to promote our artists and advance the larger availability of photography as an art form. A selection of prints is available in the gallery, and all of the work is available for purchase online. To view specific images, please contact the gallery to make arrangements.

And a quick reminder that tonight is the Graphic Intersections opening at Umbrage Gallery--it's looking like I won't be able to make it unfortunately; even though New Jersey is in reasonable proximity to Brooklyn, sometimes it feels like a world away...


My print for sale on collect.give

I'm very pleased to announce that one of my photographs just went up for sale on collect.give, see all of the information below; thanks to Kevin J. Miyazaki for making it all happen.

announces a limited edition print by photographer Elizabeth Fleming.

Hammock is being released in an edition of 20, at a print price of $40.
Elizabeth pledges to donate 100% of the proceeds to the Austin Children's Shelter.

Visit collect.give to learn more about the Austin Children's Shelter, and to view work by 15 other photographers, whose print sales have raised more than $7000 for causes they believe in.

View the photographs: collectdotgive.org
Sign up for the mailing list: collectdotgive.org/mailing-list
Become a fan on Facebook: facebook.com/collect.give

Hammock © Elizabeth Fleming