Prints for sale through wall space gallery

© Desiree Edkins
© Betsy Schneider
© Katrina D'Autremont

I was very pleased to be asked to take part in
wall space gallery's latest collectible print sale, Terra Firma, which went live today. All work is affordably priced between $50 and $200 in limited editions; my image Handprints is for sale in two sizes here. Other beautiful works are available from Betsy Schneider, Noelle Swan Gilbert, Aline Smithson, Lori Vrba, Deanna Dikeman, Katrina D'Autremont, Angela Bacon Kidwell, Suzanne Revy, and Desiree Edkins. Here's more information from the gallery:

Terra Firma: In celebration of motherhood, we have created a collection of images, like memories, that celebrate the bonds of family. Mothers are our best friends, confidants, role models, our conscience. Mothers are the threads that bind us and keep us connected to our families. This collection of images celebrate those threads, that intangible relationship.

Collectible is our quarterly showcase of singular images at introductory pricing. Four focused collections per year showcase new artists, and images exclusive to the gallery’s program. Limited editions, affordable pricing, and unique images make this an important part of the gallery’s mission to promote our artists and advance the larger availability of photography as an art form. A selection of prints is available in the gallery, and all of the work is available for purchase online. To view specific images, please contact the gallery to make arrangements.

And a quick reminder that tonight is the Graphic Intersections opening at Umbrage Gallery--it's looking like I won't be able to make it unfortunately; even though New Jersey is in reasonable proximity to Brooklyn, sometimes it feels like a world away...


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