Still alive

Well, hello. Has it really been over a month since I posted? Why, yes, it has. Blake Andrews wrote an entry about dying and/or dead blogs ("In Memoriam: Photoblogs 2011"), citing those that fizzled out, those that spontaneously combusted, and those that at last check were hovering somewhere in between. I've been thinking a lot about that post since I read it; specifically, about whether there's still life worth breathing into Tethered--whether it's merely convalescing until I nurse it back into health, or whether it's on its last legs.

The truth is, I'm not ready to let it go. I hope no one will notice if another month goes by with empty space unfilled, or that if people do notice they'll stick with me through the lean times. Feast or famine, baby. One of the difficult things (of course) is that the less I write the harder it is to write (duh). It gets to be that there's too much to say, so I don't say anything at all. But still, a month (and a half) hardly doth mean the final curtain has gone down.

All that said I have grand plans as always--new website, new book, finally getting my new series into a ready-to-show happy place. But then the kids get sick, or I get sick, or holidays happen, or my sister gets married, or I'm sad that my sister's wedding is over and that she's so grown up and that I'm getting older and perhaps not living up to my potential (whatever that might mean). Or, truth be told, I simply procrastinate and procrastinate which leads to paralysis. Still, here I am, pulling myself out of the creative rut once again. I guess that's how this artist thing works--bursts of creativity then go fallow while I wrestle with my various demons and attempt to abolish guilt. I'm trying to remember that I always seem to make it back out of the hole. And a post, any post, is as good a restart as any.

Perhaps not my most profound or interesting entry, but long story short the defibrillator has been utilized, and here's hoping that the blog-heart keeps pumping, and that I can become a bit more consistent.

As far as the images above are concerned, they feel a bit wistful and time-gone-by to me, which is about where I am mentally. I'm not sure why but they make me sad, and for that reason they'll be factoring into the as-yet unnamed new body of work which I'll be revealing more of asap.

Thanks for listening.


Kristianne Koch said…
Love this post-I can so relate but I like the way you describe it better! Love your work! I think the "procrastination" or the "creative break" or whatever fits, is important to evolving the creative juice. At least that's what I tell myself.
Thanks for your inspiring work.
liily said…
yay! love reading your writings.
Asha S said…
we're here. feast or famine.
charley star said…
oh, don't go! i have time to blog-surf about as often as you are able to write, and during those times i love checking in on you, your work and your personal insights into life and photography. So here's a little cyber encouragement from L.A. to keep at it...
Thanks everyone, couldn't do it without you :)

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