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I failed to really mention what the original motivation for my last post was before I went off on my little tangent: the crux of work/life balance for me, always and obviously, is the effect it has on Edie and June. My fundamental struggle (and, yes, what much of my photographs have been about, a blessing and a curse) is how to not fail them. I think I'm a good mother mostly, but when I'm like this I fear the main thing they hear coming out of my mouth is "hold on." That I'm only half present with them because I have so much going on in my brain, that they're yelling in my ear while I'm picking at the guitar or clicking the shutter. My goal today is to answer when they call, and really see them when I'm with them, and to refrain from using TV as a babysitter this coming week. Here's to you, Buddha.


Kate Wilhelm said…
Good luck! I struggle with that stuff all the time. I think it's good for kids to see their parents enjoy doing things. But I do feel like there's a limit to that benefit in my own parenting.
Nice to know I'm not alone, thanks for continuing to keep up with Tethered, and congratulations on being a Critical Mass finalist!

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