I'm finally buckling down on my Iowa project; more and more it looks to be shaping itself into book form. I was out at my grandparent's farm again at the end of August and shot a number of images, some to round out what I already had, along with some new photos--mainly from the burial of my grandmother's urn where the kids went a little excitedly nuts shoveling dirt into the grave. No kidding. Since then my brain has been full of how to best express all the thoughts I've been having about place, family, legacies, loss in the form of physical objects, and what we can tell about people from the things they collect. That part of the series feels like it may need to be a fairly long accompanying essay. As a result you'll probably continue to not hear as much from me on the blog--part of me every day is composing some sort of post that delves into the Iowa project, and part of me is holding back because it's not coherent enough yet and I don't want to get sidetracked from the bigger picture.

The image above has nothing to do with Iowa, but I came across it when searching for older farm pictures and it reminded me that you never know what you might have overlooked the first time around during the process of editing. This one will probably get added to Life is, which I'm still shooting here and there--it's inevitable as the kids invariably still do wacky things. Like fighting over who gets to throw the next mound of dirt into a gravesite hole.


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