New portfolio/new images

There's way too much to write--when I wait this long to post it feels almost impossible to begin. But given the amount of editing I've been doing lately I want to have something concrete to show for it, so in addition to the images above--which I've been putting together for Life is from the spring/summer/fall--I've also decided to begin showing some work from Iowa on my website. I consider it an "under construction" venture for now, which means I'll be uploading, rearranging and obsessing over image quality to the point where from one day to the next the gallery might look very different. Despite that, I'm making it public because having it out in the world helps to keep me feeling motivated and connected. The portfolio is called Carlisle, which is the name of the town where the farm is located, and you can take a peek at the preliminary edit here, though I think that first image might be too magenta. Or dark. Or something. It might even be gone by the time you check it out. Ok, don't listen to me, I'm going a little crazy over here--too much time spent staring at a screen, along with my usual artistic monkey mind.

That's it for now--the other post I was going to write about vulnerability, what it means to be true to oneself during the creative process, and my usual broken-record "Desperately Seeking Balance" thoughts will have to wait for another day.


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