Hiatus/New Path

Obvious hiatus going on. Seems to be a trend among a sizable enough group of photographers I know. A fair number of us were hanging on by a thread and have gone silent as of late (if one can call not blogging for nine-plus months "as of late." I could have gestated an entire baby in that time...). There are always myriad excuses, reasons, and justifications for not writing, but I suppose what it partly boils down to is a lack of "fire in the belly." Maybe the photoblog zeitgeist has blown on through, maybe it's just that I couldn't seem to gravitate over to Tumblr like so many others. Maybe it's because I was focused on "Buried on her 90th Birthday" which is now  fully up and running on my website, or possibly it's because as I inch closer to 40 there's the inevitable reevaluation, a looking into the future and seeing other options opening up. All that said, for the time being I've made a somewhat large shift and am actually in a post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University taking classes in sociology, with an eye on going back for a master's degree or even PhD sometime next year. Much to say on that topic, but I now need to go read about race, class, and family dynamics; my next post may very well be an announcement that Tethered is a social science blog. Lord knows my own children and life have given me a good little petri dish of power struggles/shifting motherhood roles/personality types/family structure to study in preparation for viewing the world sociologically. Onward.


Susan Brand said…
Just read this.
You are following a trajectory that is not that surprising.
God speed.
Thanks Susan, hope you're well.

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