I just heard from an old family friend ("old" being a relative term, given that we're in our early thirties), photographer Carrie Ford Hilliker, that she put some of my work up on her group venture Detangle.Us. I was happy to find out that Carrie is a reader of Tethered, and am flattered by the things she had to say about my writing and images. As if shooting and blogging weren't enough, she also leads a website design studio, fordvisuals.

Carrie and I spent every summer as teenagers on Martha's Vineyard with our families, mine hailing from Philadelphia, hers from Chicago--our mothers were best friends from high school and this was their annual meeting place. I mostly lounged around in my pajamas and went from an angst-ridden high school student to an angst-ridden college student and beyond. Carrie and I shared a room and talked about our lives in those brief weeks, while attempting to get our little sisters to shut up to no avail. It was one of those small, dusty old cape houses without a TV, a place where I always had horrible allergies and was driven mad by Claritin (one of its side effects, unknown at the time, is anger--explains a lot). Interestingly I shot many of the photographs that became part of my senior thesis for college in that house, and some of my video for graduate school as well. It had a certain eerie domesticity, bringing about the kind of forced memories that come from visiting a place for a very specific time frame in one specific season year after year. It was as if I could watch the progression of my life each time I returned: last year I was a freshman, this year I'm a sophomore, and so on. Now it feels right to have that world come back into focus through having my work be part of Carrie's sphere.


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