Happy birthday to me

I'm now 34, one year closer to being able to submit to Expiration Notice. If you're 35 or older check them out and show them some work. James got me the new Canon 5D, I can hardly believe it. And the girls were excited to help make me breakfast and put a candle on my toast and eggs. So far a fantastic day indeed.

Great post up on Mark Tucker's blog, by the way. I left a comment if you're interested in my take on it.


Kevin said…
Happy birthday, Elizabeth!

P.S. James, my birthday is December 2nd.
Melanie said…
Happy Birthday Beautiful!
The Canon 5D is awesome.
You're going to love it.
Horse Think said…
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
Liz said…
Happy birthday! James, mine's May 5 if you're looking for something for me. ;)

P.S. I posted a comment on Mark's blog, just offering up a different perspective.
J. Wesley Brown said…
Happy day, indeed! Enjoy.
Stella said…
Happy Birthday! You're daughters are so-o sweet.

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