Some things never change

I was recently looking through some old sketchbooks and came across these prints. They're pictures of my little sister Annie when she was just about Edie's age, taken when I was a junior or senior in high school. It's amazing to see that even then I was drawn to images of family and childhood, and I'd forgotten that Annie and I had such a collaboration going. I suddenly feel as if in some ways I've come full circle. I was twelve when Annie was born and loved taking care of her; we had a real bond (we still do) and I feel like I learned to take pictures through her. She also played a large part in my senior thesis video when I got my MFA (I posted some of the stills here and here) and is now a filmmaker herself. I just got off the phone with her--a conversation in which she helped me hash out some ideas for a photo--and felt compelled to share the images above. I find a strong resemblance between her and Edie, and it's comforting to see these threads moving through my work and my life.


DoulaMomma said…
Before I read the post, I thought it WAS Edie. wow.
Jamie said…
It is insightful to see what a quick look in the past can do to reaffirm the present.
Even then, your photos were amazing.

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