Jesse Burke

© Jesse Burke

In the coming weeks I'm going to highlight some of my favorite work from Review Santa Fe, and I thought I'd start with Jesse Burke, who I had the pleasure of meeting and spending a good amount of time with during my stay in New Mexico (along with his lovely wife Kerry). Our paths crossed during the open portfolio night when he came by to show me a book he had put together of pictures he took of his daughter Clover--his shots really spoke to me, as they were very similar to the way I see the world through Edie and June, and yet they also had a completely "Jesse" stamp on them. Unfortunately none of this series is up on his website for your viewing pleasure (though that is a self portrait of him holding Clover above), but there's plenty of other amazing work to take a look at (go here). I was also really struck by his artist statement, which I find highly eloquent, so I wanted to share it in full:

"Jesse Burke's photographs and installations are an autobiographically driven investigation into the psychology of masculine identity. He is drawn to moments where a rupture or wound is physically, emotionally or metaphorically inflicted. There is a presence of vulnerability and sensitivity which acts as a force against the mythology of male dominance and power. He is currently working on a project about demons and misplaced persons." Great, isn't it?

Next up, Graham Miller.


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