Other reviews

I wanted to quickly direct you to other posts about Review Santa Fe around the blogosphere:

Elizabeth Avedon
A Photo Editor
Deborah Hamon
David Bram (scroll through his posts on this search result page, and also see pictures of some of the photographers who attended).
Emily Shur (scroll down for more posts written while she was in Santa Fe).
Kurt Tong (also see his thoughts on fellow photographers Jeffrey Aaronson and Susan Worsham).
Aline Smithson
Sonja Thomsen
Jane Rosemont (again, scroll through the various posts).
Kevin Miyazaki
Melissa Kaseman
Stephen Gelb (who I forgot to mention in my last post of thanks, my apologies. He was a volunteer and joined me and some others for dinner and drinks--thanks for the conversation and the rides!)

If I've missed anyone please let me know and I'll add them to the list.


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