Abe's Penny

Well, Joerg beat me to it. I was just about to write a post about Abe's Penny, the brainchild of Anna and Tess Knoebel, when I logged into my Google Reader and saw he'd put up an entry. I had even taken photos of the fronts and backs of the cards last week in preparation. It must be in the air.

I was lucky enough to have the surprise of receiving the postcards unexpectedly: a few months ago when I went to check the mail I was greeted with an image I recognized as Melanie Flood's (whose current curatorial project I just mentioned here.) Turning the card over I saw it was Abe's Penny, and was quite excited to have been chosen for a freebie. At the end I had four postcards to my name, and I have to say one thing that I liked about the whole experience was how they arrived a little weathered, a bit beaten up by the post office, and not clean and perfect. It almost felt like a bit of performance art--a piece of photography shuttled about, creating a nice quartet at the end. So that's my take; get the Conscientious perspective here.


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