Graphic Intersections is now live

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Graphic Intersections is finally live, and it looks great. Very interesting to see how the artists involved played off of each other--I'd love to pick Noel Rodo-Vankeulen's brain to see what process he used when looking at my image to come up with his (I think his picture is one of my favorites on the site. I'm not going to show you the one before mine so that you'll actually (hopefully) check out the rest of the project). I love how the connections aren't obvious--they make you think about the impetus behind each photograph, and about how creativity is inspired. It's also interesting to see how each photographer's distinct style comes through in his/her individual image. For the whole series go here.

"Graphic Intersections
is a collaborative project loosely based on the old Surrealist and Dadaist game The Exquisite Corpse. Designed to unite disparate artists in an interconnected photographic relay of images inspired by one another, this project strives to emphasize a system of response entirely rooted in unmediated visual reaction.

The first photographer made a photograph, which was subsequently forwarded to the second in line. The 2nd then, based solely on their own visual, emotional, intellectual or philosophical response, in turn made photographs in artistic reaction to the one they were given. The artists involved were not given any written material to accompany the photograph, nor did they know whose image they were responding to. This was designed to propagate chance, or as the Surrealist’s put it, exploit 'the mystique of accident.'

Ultimately, Graphic Intersections aims to challenge the bounds of sequential, narrative imagery, while simultaneously fostering stronger lines of artistic affiliation."


The baby in the box is an interesting portrait to say the least!

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