Slideluck Potshow XIV

My lovely James will be in Slideluck Potshow XIV, giving an "encore" performance of his bottled water video--I put encore in quotes because he was actually accepted into the last Slideluck Potshow, but due to a technical glitch his piece was never shown. Long story short we had hired a babysitter, spent three hours watching the other work--which was enjoyable but it was getting late--and then the whole thing ended without any sighting of his video. Talk about disappointing. Luckily the folks at Slideluck are making up for it by putting him on the roster again, so, without further ado:

When? This Friday, November the 13th

Where? The Aperture Foundation, 547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor, between 10th and 11th Avenues

Who? Abelardo Morell * Alexander Gronsky * Amelie Escher * Andrew Dosunmu * Andrew Hetherington * Andrew Moore/Yancey Richardson * Birthe Piontek * Chuck Close * David Maisel * Filippo Mutani * Francois Robert * Harri Kallio * James Worrell * Jeff Harris * Jon Feinstein * Jonathan Torgovnik/MediaStorm * Jowhara AlSaud * Kent Rogowski * Lori Nix * Mathieu Laverdière * Mashid Mohadjerin * Melanie Bonajo * Narinda Reeders * Nora Herting * Paolo Woods * Richard Mosse * S. Billie Mandle * Sara Terry * Sarah Hughes * Sophia Wallace * Tiffany Walling & John McGarity * Tim Davis * Todd Fisher * Vincent Laforet * Yoav Galai/100 Eyes * Yvonne Venegas * Zack Seckler

Anything else? "There are going to be some interesting new components to this show! We will be experimenting with an interactive technology to make both your slideshow and potluck experience more dynamic, if you’d like to preregister your phone, click here. After a large outreach to the foodie and farming communities, we should have some really tasty and diverse additions to the table. And, as an ode to the late Irving Penn, we will have a photo booth that is reminiscent of the angular corner of his studio.

For entrance to this show, it’s necessary to purchase $10 tickets in support of both SLPS and The Aperture Foundation. To avoid the line and ensure yourself a spot, we invite you to purchase your tickets before it’s too late.

Beverages will be provided, as we really want to put emphasis on the potluck at this event. Think about making food that fits the theme, INSIDE OUT, such as 'Blankets in a Pig' or 'Right-side-up Pineapple Cake.' Just bring something, either for the potluck, or for donation to the local soup kitchen. We will also be accepting digital camera donations to the Slideluck Youth Initiative."

Good luck babe!


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