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Last month Paul Giguere kindly contacted me to see if I would mind being interviewed for one of his podcasts for Thoughts on Photography. I was happy to oblige as I had enjoyed listening to a number of my photographic friends online, including Liz Kuball, Aline Smithson, Angela Bacon-Kidwell and Suzanne Revy. My own 45-minute conversation with Paul is now live here.

I have to say when he emailed a couple of days ago to tell me it was up, it took me a good two hours to muster the courage to listen to it. I was prepared to cringe at the sound of my own voice, but I have to say that I'm actually quite pleased with the results (pardon the possible egotism, really it's just relief).

While of course I don't sound anything like how I hear my voice in my own head (since when did I pick up such a Midwestern pronunciation of words like "at" and "god"?) I also wasn't as freaked out listening to myself as I thought I might be. I suppose this is largely because when I talked to Paul it felt very comfortable and energizing--I really enjoyed our conversation and when the interview was over, I hung up the phone on a bit of a high. It makes me realize how much I love discussing photography and process and the ideas behind pictures, and I hope this comes across in the way I speak about my passion for this creative life I've chosen.

Be sure to look through the various podcasts; Paul covers a wide variety of interesting topics, including: The collectibility of inkjet prints; The family of photography; Exhibiting and sharing your photography; and the concept of "Flow," among many others. It's an excellent resource for photographers--many thanks to Paul for asking me to participate.


charleystar said…
really enjoyed your interview!
Unknown said…
I enjoyed your interview with Paul. I might not have stumbled across your images without it. I loved your "injured, 2008" as it reminded me so much of my pet beagle, who also had to wear the 'Elizabethan collar'. I struggle with balancing life with the urge to photograph. I certainly understand the push pull of the photographic muse and often I point the camera at my children. Your images are a welcome source of inspiration. I think Paul said it well when he stated that you have elevated your photography of your children and surroundings to fine art. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. I look forward to seeing more of it.
Gordon Ray said…
After listening to the interview with Paul I've been enjoying the fabulous pictures on your website. You touched on something I've been trying to do more of - taking pictures of the everyday things in my life.

The grand project, with travel and long days out shooting is a nice dream, but as a working father with a daughter its more realistic to snatch a few minutes when you see something good.

Thanks for sharing.


P.S. You might want to check out a book called "Home Photography" by Andrew Sanderson. Beautiful images made with a variety of cameras around his house.
HR and Gordon--thanks for listening. I appreciate hearing your comments and thoughts. I'll be sure to check out the Sanderson book when I have a moment to catch my breath.

Thanks again--

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