Deborah Hamon

© Deborah Hamon

Congratulations to Deborah Hamon for being one of the artists selected for PDN's 30, the magazine's prestigious presentation of 30 photographers to watch. Deborah's work deserves recognition: it's unsettling, beautiful, and in my opinion quite unique among today's imagery. She paints pictures of girls, and then places them in photographic landscapes, creating a new hybrid. I was very excited to see her on the list as she was one of the people I spent a lot of time with last year at Review Santa Fe and she was great to hang out with. She's a mother as well, and it's always a sort of comfort to me that I know women who are doing both, and that I'm not alone. There's also something very satisfying about seeing people you've become friends with through the photo community win things, I think--we have a subscription to PDN and when it came in the mail this month it really was wonderful to open it up and see Deborah's images inside. To view the rest of the winning photographers go here.


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