I'm excited to have one of my images on the cover of Newspace's Spring catalog, see above. I'm madly prepping for the April 2nd opening date of my two-person exhibition there with Bryan Wolf; I'll be in Portland for the show and will give an artist's lecture on the 3rd. I'm also happy to report a solo show of Jesse Burke's work will follow in May. I'm an enormous fan of his work--I wrote a post on him a while back that you can see here; I'm sure it will be a great exhibition. He also has an inspiring new blog. Up now at Newspace: Susan Burnstine, details here.

Today will be a no-work day as June woke up with a stomach bug and I'm feeling a bit funky myself. Writing this will be about as much as I'll get done for the next 24 hours more than likely (Scooby-Doo is allowing me these few minutes of computer time). Sadly this means I'll miss Ruben's opening tonight, very disappointing. Keeping my fingers crossed that we're all well enough to check out SCOPE and the Humble show on Saturday. Off to rest.


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