To add or not to add?

I'm trying to decide whether to add this image (shot last spring) to my website when I (finally) get around to updating it. Thoughts?*

*Have decided not to add this to my repertoire after reader comments confirmed my suspicions that this one was too potentially sentimental. Thanks Liz and anonymous.


Anonymous said…
I would vote no, based on the strength of your other images.
Liz said…
I vote no. It doesn't have the same power of the rest of your photos, and to me, it feels like it could've been taken by any proud parent (granted, one who knows how to use a camera, but still). What I love about your work is how it tells the real story of childhood in an unexpected way, and this photo feels expected to me: Cute kid, pretty flowers, pink dress.
Phew, thanks for confirming what my gut was telling me but couldn't quite decide!
Rob Fleming said…
Yeah, but it is spectacularly artistic: The echo of leave patterns in the dress stripes. Repetition of the pink in both flower and dress. The blossoms leaning forward as if intentionally to meet the admittedly adorable child. Great composition.

Wow, thanks Dad--now I'm seeing the image in a new way. "Admittedly adorable"--love it. I love it when you chime in here.

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