End of a dry spell?

Bodies are gross--here in my house we just finished dealing with a common childhood parasite that's haunting my dreams (trust me, you're better off if I spare you the details. I'll only say this: it's not due to a lack of hygiene--i.e., we're merely innocent bystanders). Bodies are mean--I found out this morning that a friend has breast cancer; there's no word yet on her prognosis so I'm hoping for the best, but it's scary and sad and I keep thinking about her two little boys. It's unsettling to be at a point in my life when the probability is higher that friends will become sick. People live longer now than they used to I know, but today I feel like mortality is staring me in the face and I'm occupying a slightly alternative reality.

I've also felt the pressures of domesticity quite acutely lately, not that it's a new topic. Still, a good amount of my conversations with friends seem to be centering on the crushing weight of laundry, on how two minutes after straightening up a room it's torn apart. I'm getting better at letting go of general neatness, but as winter approaches and we'll be shut in more a clean house feels like something to aspire to. Keeping up with it all is actually part of the reason I haven't been posting much recently.

A few days ago I finally shot a little--June is a performer and an active participant now in the photographic process, wanting to see every image after I take it, and always saying "one more!" Being a a bit creative again after a dry spell feels good, like progress.


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