I've finally gotten around to editing images that have been hanging out in my folders for a while. I'm getting into a work kick, which is always the cruel thing about not working--the less you do, the less you want to do. And then you get into a groove, do a lot at once, and fall out of the groove again. I'm trying to just appreciate being in this phase and not think too much about the energy drying up. The strange thing is, this week should have taken it out of me: I was dealing with stomach bugs (Edie Thursday and Friday, June today), furious article writing (my piece should post this week, I'll let you know where to find it when the time comes) and general Christmas madness (not that I've actually sent the presents I bought...) I haven't slept for days, but I have this wild desire to buckle down. Maybe it's a getting-over-the-hump thing: halfway through the article it seemed like there was no way my ideas were ever going to cohere into something understandable and I was completely exhausted, but now that I've pushed through and come out the other side I feel like all of the cobwebs have been burned out of me.


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