I love you Frida

Frida Fleming Worrell
September 9th 2001 - January 15th 2011
In the span of a few days Frida's legs became paralyzed and we had to make the awful decision to put her down. James and I were there with her at the end--it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. She was the best dog and now the house feels empty without her. I'm going to miss you puppy. Love, Mama


Liz said…
I'm so sorry, Elizabeth. There is little in this life more awful than having to make that decision. I'll hug Boo a little tighter tonight, thinking of you and Frida.
Mike Sebastian said…
RIP Frida. Sorry to hear about this sad event.
Tom Leininger said…

I am sorry for you loss.

Having to make the decision you and James had to is never and easy process. If you have not seen or read the book, I would suggest Dog Heaven by Cyntha Rylant, it helps ease the pain. http://goo.gl/MC9nY

Thanks everyone. Can't believe how hard this is, but it does help to know that people care.
Anonymous said…
Hi Elizabeth, I have been reading your blog and just saw that Frida passed away. I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. I'll be thinking about you all.
- Astrid
Thanks Astrid, really helps to hear people reach out to say they're sorry. Hope all is well with you.
Kurt Tong said…
Hi Elizabeth,
Sorry to read about Frida. I lost one of my cat a while back and I still miss him. It does get easier with time though.
Thoughts are with your family.
Thanks Kurt, sorry to hear about your own loss. It's been tough but we're hanging in there. Hope all is good on your end.


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