Kristen Fecker Peroni

© Kristin Fecker Peroni

Kristin Fecker Peroni is a fellow photographer/mother who is up on Lenscratch today, see the post here. It's always good to know I'm not alone in this crazy soup of artistic exploration, particularly after these last few days managing the brouhaha over my APE article. Without question I knew what I was getting into, and madness aside I feel it's important for people to challenge themselves and put themselves out there even if they know there will be a strong reaction. But now I want to turn my focus back to images that inspire and challenge me, that can be beautiful and complex at the same time. I must admit, writing this post is tricky--I feel like every word will be picked over and examined in a hunt for contradictions; if I were to say anything further it would be that even though I have my strong personal opinions I try as best I can to use those opinions to examine larger theoretical questions. While intellectual discourse has its place, inspiration and creation are fundamentally more important so I'd like to thank Kristin for pulling me out of my furrowed-brow headspace. You can read Kristin's own thoughts on her creative process on her blog Mother vs Artist.


Thank you, Elizabeth. What an honor.
But of course, I'm happy to be able to share your work.

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