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Above is one of Edie's recent pictures--on the right you'll see Frida with a halo and wings, along with our new dog Willa in the middle. E also wrote a wonderful entry in her school journal about how much she loved Frida--it made me both cry and laugh because of its sweet honesty ("Frida barked a lot bot I will alwase love her"). June on the other hand was overheard recently having a conversation with her best friend Nola in which they were discussing where Frida had gone. Nola was telling June that Frida was in heaven, up in the sky--she looked out of the window and pointed. June shook her head and said "no, Frida's not in the sky, she's at the doctor's office. Dead." One of the many reasons why I love having children is this ability to tell things just as they see them, free from any attempts to impress or soften whatever differences of opinion they might hold.


Alison said…
This is absolutely adorable. Save this forever! My mom saved some of mine (a book cover to an unwritten book called, ominously, "No one Knew") and just found it recently. It's one of my most favorite things.
We're going to frame it-I have an entire flat file drawer spilling over with pictures. Your book title is brilliant, was there an ominous drawing to go with the ominous title? Cracks me up.
Colleen said…
LOVE this. good to catch up on your blog. thanks for it. . . !!

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