Amaury da Cunha

I'm on the Galerie Voies Off mailing list and just got an email about an exhibition of work by a photographer I hadn't heard off, Amaury da Cunha. I visited his website and was intrigued by many of his images--though some feel a bit overly-predictable street photography-ish (which doesn't seem in keeping with the overall tone and I find a bit distracting) the ones that are more mysterious and cinematic really drew me in. The front page of each of his portfolios shows the work in a grid format, and seeing the pictures all together creates a nice allegorical feel; above are some of my favorites. The Voies Off press release mentions that da Cunha's show will combine photographs and sound, "where visual and sound 'images' interplay, questioning the relationship between both media." Seems like an interesting concept. He also has some beautiful photographs on his blog.


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