Tim Hetherington 1970-2011

I've been quiet on the blogging front lately--it's mostly due to good things, along with the usual dash of laziness induced by the general sleepiness that accompanies keeping up with children/housework/chores/etc. I'm finally truly hunkering down and immersing myself in a new series, and around now is the time when my poor husband can barely get my attention as I begin poring over gardening books and digging with abandon in the yard. Blogging has taken a back seat, for better or for worse.

© Tim Hetherington

All that aside, I feel compelled to post for the first time in a while due simply to wanting express my sadness over the tragic news that Tim Hetherington was killed today in Libya. He was a photojournalist who captured images of war with artistry, particularly in the intimate, quiet moments he showed in his pictures of sleeping soldiers. Here's to all of the photographers out there who risk their lives as Hetherington did.


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