The latest on 100 Portraits/100 Photographers

What began as an exhibit during FotoWeek DC, 100 Portraits/100 Photographers has recently traveled to Snap! Orlando in Florida and the Head On Photography Festival in Sydney, Australia, with I believe more shows in the works. Andy will be giving a lecture on this and other topics this Saturday at 1pm during the NYPH just mentioned in my last post, details here.

Much like Larissa, Andy has been tireless in his support and promotion of photographers, and 100 Portraits is no exception. Sorry for the kiss assedness of this post, but these two have been good to me and to the photo world at large, and without people like them the art community wouldn't be the same.

*Update: Just saw there's a conversation between Andy, Larissa and Visura Magazine editor Adriana Teresa on the NYPH blog, check it out.

Comments said…
Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Larissa and I are excited about the new directions this project is taking and thrilled that you're a part of it...

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