Daily Candy and more

Whew, I'm wiped out--big week back and forth between NJ and Philly. The gallery talk at Haverford on Tuesday went quite well I think, despite one point where I believe I mentioned Jung, Freud and semiotics in one sentence. (In my defense, I was being self-deprecating.) Shen Wei's description of his work was particularly eloquent and interesting, and it made me like his images that much more.

In other self-promotion news my image "Fort" is up on Daily Candy as part of their Affordable Art Roundup (through The Ten), screenshot below. Larissa Leclair also kindly took some photos at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery when she visited there which you can also see below. Which leads me to a call to donate to Jennifer's very cool new endeavor called "Crusade for Collecting." You can contribute via Kickstarter; if you're interested you've got 33 days to join the ultra-cool Backers club, so go help her out and see more details about the project here.

Man I could use a nap...


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