Nothing big

My last post was three months ago, and while I've started other entries a number of times, I haven't been able to finish any of them. It's the paralyzing force of perfectionism--if I'm going to say something it has to be big, it has to be profound, I have to use a thesaurus and there can be no typos. But today when my home page came up with the title of that most recent post, I knew that I couldn't look at it anymore and that I needed to put up something, anything just to be able to move forward with my writing. I don't want to abandon the blogging enterprise, so I'm trying to let go of feeling like I need to talk about deep things in favor of trying to create some sort of habit, which means sometimes being satisfied with saying small things and sometimes not reading over what I've written five times to make sure it's just right.

I've been revisiting editing shots from the summer--I posted a similar one a while back--so I thought I'd show a few other variations. I think I might start pairing images together to create a sense of time. The danger in that is possibly ripping off Paul Graham, but he's not the first and won't be the last, so I think if it feels right for the work maybe I have to go with it.


I know exactly how you feel, Elizabeth. I am often so paralyzed by myself that I don't move forward. I think the little things are the what we can all connect to though since they're the thread between our individual lives that keep us connected. The profound posts are just the icing on the cake and we shouldn't eat too much cake. ;)
Thanks Kristen, you know we must have been on the same wavelength because I realized in seeing your comment that somehow my RSS subscription to your blog got erased when I switched to a new gmail address a few months ago, so I went to take a look and you had written a similar post to mine two days before I did (wow that was a run-on sentence...) Anyhow, something must be in the air! I gladly have you back in my feed and look forward to reconnecting to your posts, be they about the little or the big things :)

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