Another day, another rejection

Despite my hopeful little post below regarding feeling buoyed up by Miguel Garcia-Guzman, I have to say the string of rejections is gettin' me down. Two emails two days in a row said "thanks, but no thanks" and I'm feeling like it's been a while since I was accepted into anything. (I don't think I can count the iheartphotograph Pierro Gallery show I'm currently in called "is it possible to make a photograph of new jersey regardless of where you are in the world" as an "acceptance" per se, as all of the people who submitted were included, but it is a cool exhibit, so perhaps I should stop my kvetching...) 

Anyhow, I headed on over to Liz Kuball's blog looking for a little comfort and found this post. As she says "Sure, we photograph first to please ourselves, but we do it as much, if not more, for other people. Otherwise, we'd all be content to keep negatives in shoeboxes or RAW files on hard drives. And we're not. I'm not." I love Liz's honesty. There's something so real, and therefore very engaging, about her blog, and not in a victim-y kind of way. Just a this-is-hard-sometimes kind of way. I appreciate that. And I appreciate not feeling so alone when I read what she has to say. Maybe this post should have been called "thank you, Liz Kuball."

(She's also the one who came up with the fantastic women photographers helping women photographers idea, see the banner to the right).


Liz said…
Hey, Elizabeth. Thanks for the shout-out, and for the comments on my blog. Your work is beautiful. Hang in there!
You're very welcome! And thanks.

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