Ofer Wolberger

© Ofer Wolberger

I was finishing up this post when Edie's bedtime rolled around and I have to admit that I kind of rushed the whole routine because I wanted to get back at it. When I'm hungry or distracted I realize I start to read books to her almost at the speed of the fast-talking guy who used to do the Matchbox car (or was it Hot Wheels?) commercials. Poor kid, I guess she lets me get away with it because the speed-racer pace is only an occasional thing. But back to photography...

A few days ago I found this post about Beth Block on Ofer Wolberger's blog Horses Think. I recently wrote about her untimely death, so it seemed apt to link to more about Beth and her work. Ofer and I were also at SVA together, and I loved his photographs back then when we had critique class together. He's only gotten better with time, and was recently awarded Humble Arts Foundation's Grant for Emerging Photographers for his new series (Life with) Maggie. Well deserved, in my opinion. My husband was smart enough to buy one of Ofer's gorgeous prints a while back, which you can see above. Aside from being a beautiful image, it's nice and big and looks great in our house. You can see more of his work on his website here.


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