Review of Versus in Fraction Magazine

© Jonathan Blaustein
The latest issue of Fraction Magazine has a review of Versus here written by Mary Goodwin, associate director of Light Work--quite exciting. Fraction just keeps getting better thanks to the efforts of editor and curator David Bram who I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with in Santa Fe last year. Jonathan Blaustein was another Santa Fe attendee and all-around nice guy--his series The Edge of Empire is featured in the current issue of Fraction as well (see image above), along with oft-mentioned on Tethered photo friend Liz Kuball. Congratulations to both, it's wonderful to see attention growing for each of them.

P.S. Radius Books and Fraction are giving away six signed books. Radius is providing three copies of Debbie Fleming Caffery's The Spirit & The Flesh and three signed copies of Michael Light's Bingham Mine / Garfield Stack.

Send an email to with the title "Radius Book giveaway." In return, you will get a discount code to 25% at the Radius Books online bookstore. The winners will be randomly drawn on March 1. Keeping my fingers crossed...


jblauphoto said…
Thanks so much, Elizabeth. Hope you, James and the girls are well in the NJ. Jessie, Theo and I are hoping to get to the shore this summer.
Happy to! Things in NJ are fine, it's a cliche to say it but I'm sick of winter. Let me know if you're in the Essex county area.

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