Back in the days before the internet I was an avid dictionary and thesaurus user. I'd open my books looking for word variations and was inevitably taken on beautiful, often synchronistic, rides. I miss those days. Now I turn to my computer's desktop thesaurus or, and it's not quite the same. I just looked up a synonym for lazy, because lazy is not quite how I feel, and was given the alternative "work-shy." This feels closer to the truth. Last week I turned 35 and my birthday is always an excuse to get a little melancholy--as well as "idle," "indolent," "slothful," and "inactive."

The big day (February 10th) was somewhat overshadowed by school being cancelled due to a blizzard, but the girls did a good job of playing it up. Thankfully James and I were then able to spend the weekend alone with the help of my wonderful parents, and while it did cheer my mood it made me even less inclined to want to work. Playing hooky is fun. Answering emails quite often is not. All of this is a long way of explaining, yet again it seems, why my website still isn't updated and why it's been a while since I've posted. And now, back to "work."


aside from just really liking your photography and enjoying reading your blog.... now I see we share the same birthday! I am feeling quite 'work-shy' this morning... which is why I went to your blog to catch up. I have to cull through 5.5 years of birth photography to put together a story for a magazine. Should be fun, but I have been putting it off until the last possible moment. Guess I'll go dive in now. Thanks for the smiles this morning.
Many thanks for leaving a comment--February 10th is a good one, minus blizzards! I looked through your birth images and they were wonderful to see--I used to do a lot of childbirth advocacy so it's great to look at how you captured that power and joy. Hope you were able to get something done, I'm glad I could provide a smile in the midst of procrastination.
Rob Fleming said…
There was a blizzard the day you were born!...

blizzard |ˈblizərd|
a severe snowstorm with high winds and low visibility.

But I remember it being the loveliest snowstorm ever. Dinner at Roy Rodgers after I left you and your mother in the hospital, then an adventurous drive down to the studio to begin designing a park.

Your Father
Love the story of 2/10/1975. Glad you were able to make it to/from the hospital!

Your Daughter

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