Major website update has launched!

Finnaallly: I've finished a major refurbish of my website (insert sigh of relief here). Many new images can be seen in an entirely new order in Life is a series of small moments; and I have a body of work up called Strange Happenings (formerly known as Windowpane, which I was never crazy about as a title) which has been quite retooled and changed. Any suggestions and/or comments are always appreciated. Many thanks!


Emily said…
Hi Elizabeth!

Your new website is gorgeous and I really love the way your work is presented. All three bodies of work felt cohesive and the order of the images has a nice rhythm to it.

Well done! xoxoxo
Emily, thank you for your lovely comments! I'm very flattered, and happy you took a look and like the flow.


You. Are. Brilliant! I had seen several of the images from strange happenings as they popped up on your blog, but seeing the whole body of work was incredible. Several of them made me laugh out loud (for real, not just LOL). Your talent and your vision are unique and wonderful. I'm very, very glad to know your work. Keep it coming!
Anastasia--wow, I'm very flattered, thank you!! Happy to hear you like the new series, and I really appreciate your comments on how you responded to the work. Quite heartening as it's less well known imagery and I'm just starting to put it out there submission-wise.

Thanks again,


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