Timothy Archibald's Echolilia

Echolilia is one of my favorite series out there that includes a parent photographing a child--Timothy Archibald is singularly talented, and Echolilia is haunting and beautiful. I wrote about his work almost two years ago, and have been following it since; there's now a limited edition book of the series available for purchase. Here are the details:

"ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I Wonder
Published June 2010 by Echo Press, San Francisco, CA
Hardcover / 11 x 13 inches/ 70 pages / 43 photographs with an interview by Andy Levin of 100 Eyes Magazine.
First Printing: 20 copies signed by the artists $120.00 plus shipping and handling via Paypal

A view into the father / son relationship from the head of the kid and the eyes of the Dad. What better time to get your hands on this project than Father's Day? All copies signed by myself and Eli."



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