Lens on Life book

Some months ago I was contacted by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts to be part of a book she was writing on documentary photography. Stephanie had interviewed me back in 2009 for the site Shutter Sisters, a collective of female photographers who share impressive resumes, and considering that she's a member of that group, was already the author of the best-selling The Art of iPhoneography, founder of the non-profit organization Lens on Life,  and is a talented documentary photographer in her own right, I was more than happy to agree. She came to visit me here in Maplewood and I spent a fantastic afternoon with her as she conducted our interview and asked thought-provoking questions about my process and work. She then came along to pick up the girls from school, after which she took pictures of me taking pictures of them.

The book, entitled Lens on Life: Documenting Your World Through Photography, was just released last month and I'm very honored to have my own chapter among a group of photographers that includes some serious veterans in the photo world. The other artists are Elliot Erwitt, Sion Fullana, Ed Kashi, John Loengard, Beth Rooney and Rick Smolan. You can purchase the book on Amazonphoto-eye or through most other major booksellers. Here's the press release to give you more info:

"Mostly candid and spontaneous, documentary photography serves to preserve a moment in time. In Lens on Life celebrated documentary photographer and author Stephanie Calabrese Roberts inspires you to explore, shoot, and share documentary photographs, guiding you as you define your own style. Illustrated with the author's striking artwork and diverse insight and perspectives from other seasoned photographers this book will sharpen your artistic intuition and give you the confidence to take on personal or professional documentary assignments. Full of advice that will challenge you and strengthen your photography, Lens on Life shows you how to capture an authentic view of your world."

Many thanks to Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to be part of her project!


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