Someone I Know Favorites: Bradley Peters and Maury Gortemiller

Throwing a quick post up about Someone I Know, I thought these two by Bradley Peters and Maury Gortemiller went together nicely. Both are quirky and unique and engaging. 

That will be the last for now of posting about my favorites, and you won't hear much else from me either until sometime after April 28th. I'm heading to Astoria, Oregon on Tuesday to join four other photographers for an intensive photo retreat run by Jennifer Schwartz and David Bram and won't be arriving back in New Jersey until one in the morning the following Monday. Many, many thanks to James who will be holding down the fort, not to mention all of the help he's given me with printing and preparing my portfolio in preparation for the trip. I probably shouldn't be writing here currently, as I've still got more to do than I care to think about. 

Hmm, maybe this post is what they call "productive procrastination..." Long story short I'm definitely nervous, but also very excited to head out west. Ciao.

 Untitled (girl in snow with lamp) © Bradley Peters
Mom in the Backyard © Maury Gortemiller


Someone I Know Favorites: Susan Worsham

I had the pleasure of getting to spend some time with Susan Worsham at Review Santa Fe in 2009; she's one of those people who embodies her pictures, or maybe it's that her pictures embody her? Some of both is probably it. Bottom line, her passion in talking about her work was wonderful to witness. And I really don't think I've seen the range of hues she has in her photographs in anyone else's images, they're like a perfect cake frosting that's been transformed into something more melancholy and contemplative and wholly original, as can be seen in the image below. 
Georgia, The Day After The Family Dog Died  © Susan Worsham


Thinking of Boston

A very sad day in Boston, the world is so scary and inexplicable at times. The vulnerability random acts like this one, Newtown, and others bring up is difficult to deal with, but this time around I am able to find some comfort in a post by comedian Patton Oswalt. So today, instead of focusing on the fear, I'm trying to focus on the good by finding a little bit of beauty, as seen in this sensitive and lovely photograph by Brian Widdis, one of my favorites from Someone I Know. Be safe.
"He Said 'I Hate The Sun'" © Brian Widdis


Someone I Know Favorites: Colleen Plumb

I've dropped the ball again on consistency in posting, the girls have been on spring break so not much is getting done around here. Excuses out of the way, how could I not pick this image as a favorite? Even before I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen Plumb in person a couple of years ago I was a fan of her body of work "Animals are Outside Today" which you can see here. Colleen also has two daughters around the same ages as Edie and June and a newer in-progress series focuses on more domestic surroundings, akin to the picture "Elsa in the Living Room" below. It's not just because this shot shows a favorite and familiar subject matter, but because it's a beautiful image in composition, light quality and expression. Now off to the zoo with the kids where I'll see the sites through different eyes thanks to Colleen.
Elsa in the Living Room © Colleen Plumb


Someone I Know Favorites: Irina Rozovsky

I was hoping to be able to post my favorites daily but I had to head down to Philadelphia for a baby shower for my sister and editing blog posts on the iPhone proved maddening, so I decided to just let it go and wait until I was safely back in NJ. Below is Irina Rozovsky's contribution which I find impressive because it's sad and funny in equal measure, which makes it that much more moving. I find that when I look at this picture I both get a lump in my throat feeling sorry for this sweet dog, while also not being able to help cracking a smile. 
Gosha © Irina Rozovsky


Someone I Know Favorites: Todd Stewart

From here on in I'm going to randomly choose which picture to show from my Someone I Know favorites list, so there's no hierarchy. I think it would hurt my brain too much to have to put the photos in order from first down to seventh. Without further ado I present you with Todd Stewart's portrait "Dad, 2013." Beautiful--I love how his hair mirrors the smoke.
© Todd Stewart


Someone I Know Favorites: Justin James Reed

I just looked over the "Someone I Know" website again with the aim of choosing some of my favorite portraits to share here. Interestingly, as I scrolled through the images I began to think as if I were a juror, being immediately drawn to some, feeling not very interested in others, and finding that certain photographs jumped out as true favorites during my second viewing. In a way it really did bring home the fact that all judging is very subjective--you hear it over and over again but when you're in the middle of it yourself you can see that it all does come down to a matter of taste.

Many of the images I like are admittedly similar to my own, not necessarily in subject matter but in feel, as it were. Others I can't explain why, they simply sparked an immediate reaction, a sense of relating to both the person and the manner in which they were being presented. Through this process I also realized that it would be a difficult task to narrow the pool to only three as they did for the CENTER awards. It's comforting to recognize firsthand how the images immediately following what I would pick as the finalists are just as intriguing and strong, and on a different day could have been the "winners." I hesitate to turn this into a contest at all given my own recent experience, and honestly as I tried to narrow it down I just couldn't decide on an absolute final three myself. I'd say currently I have seven favorites, so I'll be showing one a day for the next week.

First I give you Justin James Reed; he's a photoland friend and an extremely talented artist, so much so that I own one of his prints. I promise there is no bias in how I picked his portrait--even in a blind taste test this image would be at the absolute top of my list:

© Justin James Reed
I really encourage you to look through all of the other portraits on the site, it showcases some serious talent and I'm honored to be sandwiched in there among so many fantastic images.


Someone I Know

I'm very excited to have the above image included in Stuart Pilkington's latest endeavor, "Someone I Know." He has five other equally intriguing projects--I was part of "The Chain" last year (my contribution can be seen here) and he also curated the the popular "50 States Project" in 2009. "Someone I Know" has a really amazing collection of photographs; I'll be posting some of my favorites in the days to come. In the meantime I highly recommend taking a look.

Regarding my photograph: the due date of March 31st was getting fairly close, I'd had months to submit my image, and though I'd halfheartedly taken some other photographs I wasn't really happy with anything. Strange to say it, but I got lucky enough to have my kid come down with pinkeye. Voila! A perfect picture opportunity was handed to me and I ran with it.