Someone I Know Favorites: Colleen Plumb

I've dropped the ball again on consistency in posting, the girls have been on spring break so not much is getting done around here. Excuses out of the way, how could I not pick this image as a favorite? Even before I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen Plumb in person a couple of years ago I was a fan of her body of work "Animals are Outside Today" which you can see here. Colleen also has two daughters around the same ages as Edie and June and a newer in-progress series focuses on more domestic surroundings, akin to the picture "Elsa in the Living Room" below. It's not just because this shot shows a favorite and familiar subject matter, but because it's a beautiful image in composition, light quality and expression. Now off to the zoo with the kids where I'll see the sites through different eyes thanks to Colleen.
Elsa in the Living Room © Colleen Plumb


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