Someone I Know Favorites: Bradley Peters and Maury Gortemiller

Throwing a quick post up about Someone I Know, I thought these two by Bradley Peters and Maury Gortemiller went together nicely. Both are quirky and unique and engaging. 

That will be the last for now of posting about my favorites, and you won't hear much else from me either until sometime after April 28th. I'm heading to Astoria, Oregon on Tuesday to join four other photographers for an intensive photo retreat run by Jennifer Schwartz and David Bram and won't be arriving back in New Jersey until one in the morning the following Monday. Many, many thanks to James who will be holding down the fort, not to mention all of the help he's given me with printing and preparing my portfolio in preparation for the trip. I probably shouldn't be writing here currently, as I've still got more to do than I care to think about. 

Hmm, maybe this post is what they call "productive procrastination..." Long story short I'm definitely nervous, but also very excited to head out west. Ciao.

 Untitled (girl in snow with lamp) © Bradley Peters
Mom in the Backyard © Maury Gortemiller


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