It feels really good to be working today. Everything has been on hold in many respects for the last several days, and just to be outside shooting this morning, and then here at the computer editing and writing now, is making me feel sane again. The above images aren't necessarily a diptych, but I couldn't decide which I thought was stronger, so am posting both (opinions always welcome). They're another instance of spontaneous picture-taking that potentially looks staged. It was the week before last, and I went into the bathroom to get Edie's toothbrush; when I walked back into my bedroom she was hiding under the dresser and only her hair was visible; it was very eerie, and I really was startled for a moment. I told her to stay put of course, ran downstairs to get my camera, and the result is above. In many ways it's extremely similar to my shot of her hanging from the dresser drawer pulls (see here) and I'm not sure yet which one will make the final cut when I start redoing my website (I plan to have new work up and organized in the next month or so).


Wes said…
Probably the second. More context is usually good.
Anonymous said…
justin visnesky said…
number one, elizabeth. i love it. i think less is much more in this case.

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