Melanie Flood Projects

Told you there would be a string of shameless self-promotion...Here are some shots from last Thursday's opening at Melanie Flood projects. The show looked great and I was very happy with the presentation of my prints in the salon/pin-up tradition. Apologies to the two random people in the bottom photo, you can see my work in the background. The top photo, left to right, is of Melanie's husband Matt, James, and me. 

James and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at one of our old regular haunts in Cobble Hill and then headed over to Fort Greene for the event. Always a treat to get a night out, though we're such lightweights that we were home by ten, and I stuck to the one beer you see in my hand (minus wine with dinner, which goes without saying). Want to know a fun fact? I've had that dress for eight years. 


Stella said…
I am so happy for you! Congratulations-- I look forward to seeing more successes come your way!
Many thanks! Hope all is well with you. E.

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