WIP lecture

© Robin Schwartz

Tomorrow night Cara Phillips and Amy Elkins, co-curators of Women in Photography (which I've mentioned many times before) are giving a lecture at Aperture. Contributing photographers Robin Schwartz and Elinor Carucci will also be on hand, along with moderator Laurel Ptak. I'm excited to attend what's sure to be an engaging panel discussion. Here are the details:

Aperture Gallery
Tuesday, September 30th at 6:30pm
547 West 27th Street, 4th floor


Melanie Flood said…
I am so there.
Thanks for being so well informed, and thus informing me.
Yay! Glad you'll be there, see you tonight.
Carmen Winant said…
Makes me wish I still lived in NYC...wish I could have gone! Right up my alley. I heard great things.

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