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Just received my copy of the September issue of VISION magazine with a six-page spread of my work. One of my first actual print publications, and I'm very happy with the quality of the reproductions and the layout. They translated "small" as "little" (as in "Life is a series of little moments") but that's fine by me as long as the images look good. I apologize in advance that there's going to be a string of shameless self-promotional posts coming down the line, it's been a busy week and heck, I work hard so I figure I'm allowed to share the fruits of my labor now and again. 


malcolm said…
Congrats. Look forward to the issue. One of the many great things about living in China (I am in Guangzhou, down near Hong Kong) is that magazines are cheap. Vision is enormous and about $5 US. Other photo magazines which are nicely printed and interesting to look at (I can't read Chinese) are even less.
justin visnesky said…
It looks great Elizabeth.
brea said…
This is super! Congrats. It looks beautiful.
Thanks to all for the congratulations, much appreciated.

And Malcolm it's nice to hear that you're in the area and can pick up a copy, at an amazing price no less!
malcolm said…

Picked up my copy yesterday. All five pounds of it. Took a while to find your photos, but it was worth it. Love the one of the baby in front of the mirrored closet.

I heard about this magazine through your post mentioning it a month or so ago. I buy some of the photo magazines, but this is more like a fashion and arts magazine.So thanks for that.
Malcolm, thanks for picking up a copy, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the images and that the magazine was a new discovery via my post. Cheers--
I love your photos and your words. Congratulations and thanks for expressing your greatness. It truly adds and inspires.
Rita, thanks so much--likewise to you for all you do to help empower women like myself to believe in our creative voices.
Anonymous said…
Hello, I will try to get a hold of a copy of this magazine! In any case, congratulations! That spread that has the photo in the upper right had of the legs and feet of a little one on the back of the passenger seat is just so cool. That is the position my daughter takes, and I have sat way in the back and seen her do precisely that! : ) Too cute, and wonderful.

Thanks! and all the best in the new year.
Thanks Nacho, nice to hear my photo reminded you of one of your own parenting moments, always great to hear. Best to you in the New Year as well!

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