HERE and THERE in Pennsylvania

HERE and THERE is travelling from St. Louis to Johnstown, PA. The opening for those who happen to be in the area will be on March 27th from 7-10pm at 709 Railroad Street gallery and the show runs until April 23rd. Here are the artists:

Greg Barth
Jacob Koestler
Laura McAllister
Ed Panar
Justin Visnesky
Michael Worful


Anonymous said…
Hello Elizabeth
For those who can not visit the exhibition. Can we know that your submitted work?

Un saludo.
Melanie Flood said…
Excellent! I will be making a trip to Johnstown!
Carlos-do you mean which photographs are in the show? Or are you wondering how I got into the show? Would be happy to let you know, just wasn't sure about your question.

Mel, thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hi Elizabeth.
I hope you know how to forgive myself in English.
I mean if you can see the photos you've selected to present at this exhibition.

A hug from Spain.

Of course! I just wanted to be sure that I answered your question correctly. I'm happy to show you the photos that are in the show, I'll write a post about it soon.

Muchos gracias!

Anonymous said…
Thank you very much E.
I would like to know the selection of photos that you show at this event.

Greetings from Castellon de la Plana.

Just realized I never got back to you about the selection of images that are in the HERE and THERE show. I remembered that there are some installation shots from when the show was up in St. Louis which I posted about and you can see at this link:


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